Centre for Family Health Initiative (CFHI) is a private non-governmental, not-for- profit organization committed to the promotion of health and protection of the well-being of families in Africa. It was created in 1999, as an extension of the Anti-Child Abuse Society of Africa (ACASA), by a group of professionals working in diverse health related fields.

It was initially registered with CAC Nigeria as a limited liability company on February 16, 2000 (RC 375430), but was re-registered on January 26th 2012, as a non-governmental, not-for-profit but Humanitarian organization; with the number CAC/IT/No. 49787.

CFHI seeks to enhance family well-being by curtailing the increasing devastation of life and well-being by preventable diseases, infections and infestations including HIV/AIDS. CFHI executes her project directly through partner health facilities as well as through several public and private institutions and local community based organizations across Nigeria.

Since its inception, CFHI has been involved in various projects including the establishment of model health centres, health clubs (in schools), provision of free medical care and services to indigent Africans, health awareness campaigns, and HIV/AIDS focused programmes. CFHI regularly reaches out to children in various conditions. It identifies, enrols and mentors children within its areas of influence, provides their scholastic materials and fees. In addition, it also provides health and psycho-social support to these vulnerable children. Some of whom are infected/affected by HIV.

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